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The Self-Cleaning Organized Car


organized car

How is it possible to keep the inside of your car clutter-free at all times with almost no effort? Introducing… the organized car caddy!

It’s not a special gadget with lots of pockets. And it doesn’t live full-time in your car, either.

It’s a bin, or bag, or box, or basket that you take out to the car with you every day when you leave home, and bring back in from the car with you every day when you return home.


Don’t be an April Fool — Back up your files!

Back Up

Did you know that March 31 is World Back Up Day? I didn’t either, until now. But…really, shouldn’t every day be Back Up Day?

Don’t be an April Fool – Take the Pledge!

(Click to view video “What Would You Do if You Lost Everything?”)


Are You Organized for Tax Time?

Organized for Tax TimeWhether you do your own taxes, or have them done by someone else, it’s hard to prepare for tax time if your paperwork is a mess!

It will take only a few minutes to gather up the pertinent documents if you have good year-round paper management habits. Here’s what I mean:


A Valentine for Your Family: Planning Your Legacy

planning legacy family willDo you have a will?

More than half of Americans don’t have a will. Have you ever heard it referred to as “a love letter to your family”? Does thinking of it that way encourage you to stop avoiding this awkward topic?

A will is part of planning for your legacy, certainly, but there’s much more to your legacy than that. I’m calling the whole package “A Valentine for Your Family” because I’m writing this in February, but it’s also a gift to yourself when you consider the peace of mind that comes with addressing these issues.


10 Silly Things Organizers Argue About

Signpost My Way your wayWhen professional organizers argue, it’s often just a matter of semantics. And when I say argue….well, that’s just semantics too. Disagree and misunderstand might be more accurate terms. We are, mostly, a congenial and supportive bunch! Sometimes we don’t even truly disagree, but we’re playing devil’s advocate; or exploring a new twist on an old theme for the sake of a great blog post title; or forging a new market niche by using a unique phrase.

The reason for this post is that I imagine the public, and new organizers, must sometimes feel confused. “Hey, wait a minute, this experienced organizer is saying just the opposite of what I always thought, and the opposite of what this other respected organizer said!?”

Here are some examples: (more…)

Things That Don’t Spark Joy, But You’d Better Keep Anyway

Keep or toss?

Keep or toss?

What do a toilet plunger and old tax returns have in common? They’re both things that don’t exactly spark joy, but you’d better keep anyway.

If you’ve heard of Marie Kondo, the Japanese bestselling author, you will probably recall her #1 criterion for keeping things: Does it spark joy?

I think this is a lovely question to ask when purging things like clothing, books and décor. Not so much, though, when it comes to many of the other items we use every day.